A second died in demonstrations against the Government of Manuel Merino

He is the second young man who has died this Saturday, during the second national march against the transitory government of Merino. In addition, several seriously injured are reported in the Grau and Guillermo Almenara Emergency Hospitals.

Sources from RPP Noticias confirmed this Saturday night the death of a second person during the second National March against the Government of Manuel Merino. The Grau Emergency Hospital reported the death from a chest wound.

The young deceased is Inti Sotelo Camargo (24), a hotel and tourism student, who died in the Grau Emergency Hospital, where his relatives arrived. The victim’s father affirms that the corpse has 4 pellet impacts.

“Merino, these are the consequences that he does. Those congressmen have no blood on their faces,” the victim’s father told the press, who also made an appeal to the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Organization of Nations. United (UN) to intervene in the political situation in the country.

“We are going to continue going out to the streets and we are going to continue going out for my brother, until you leave (Merino),” said the brother of the deceased.

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