Alan García shot after knowing arrest warrant

In addition to Alan García, the Judicial Branch ordered the ten-day preliminary detention against Miguel Atala, his son Samir Atala, Luis Nava and his son José Antonio Nava.


07:00 a.m. After the preliminary arrest warrant against him, former President Alan García allegedly shot himself in the neck, and he would be admitted to the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital.

07:23 a.m. According to information from América Noticias, García Pérez is operated in the trauma unit of the nosocomial hospital.

07:27 a.m. Official information of the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital, the former president presents a shooting wound to the head.

07:38 a.m. The personal secretary of Alan Garcia, Ricardo Pinedo, confirmed that the former president entered his bedroom after noticing the presence of the prosecutor at the door of his home.

08:04 The Minister of Health, Zulema Tomás Gonzáles, arrived at the Casimiro Ulloa hospital to monitor the health condition of the former president.

08:10 The congressmen of the Aprista bench, Mauricio Mulder, Javier Velásquez Quesquén and Jorge del Castillo, arrived at the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital.

08:30 Tomás Gonzáles reported that former President Alan García made three cardiac arrests after shooting himself in the head. In addition, 27 doctors are attending to keep him alive. He added that the exmandatario is still interned in the Intensive Care Unit.

Previous note

The Judicial Power ordered the preliminary detention for ten days against former President Alan García for the Odebrecht case.

In addition to the arrest against the former president, the court order affects former transport minister Enrique Cornejo, Luis Nava, his son José Antonio Nava, Miguel Atala, his son Samir Atala, Oswaldo Plasencia Contreras, Jorge Menacho, and Raul Antonio Torres.

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