Bus fire in Fiori: 17 people were killed

The fire that took place in the Fiori ex-terminal camp in San Martín de Porres, ended with the lives of 17 people and left seven others injured.
Last Sunday, the fire of an interprovincial bus in the Fiori ex-terminal camp, located in the district of San Martín de Porres, claimed the lives of 17 people, while seven others were injured. The unit, plate C4L-966, belongs to the company Sajy Bus, which operated from Lima to Chiclayo.
The fire in Fiori began around 7:30 p.m, and more than eight firefighters units arrived. Mario Casaretto, general commander of this volunteer company, explained that people were trapped in the flames and that they could not evacuate the two-story vehicle, because the staircase was narrow and the passage was narrow.
After the incident, prosecutors Christian Amado Jara and Leonardo Sánchez Heredia arrived, both from the Second Provincial Corporate Prosecutor’s Office of Condevilla; in addition to six medical doctors; the mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz; and that of San Martín de Porres, Julio Chávez Chiong.
Mario Casaretto reported that the deceased were eight men, five women and four minors. He also commented that the seven injured were taken to the clinic Jesus del Norte and Hospital Cayetano Heredia. “One has third-degree burns, the rest by inhalation of smoke, all have been evacuated immediately. It is a tragic situation that has brought us unpleasant memories of Round Table. “
The Ministry of Women reported that the child who was saved from the accident, which took place in Fiori, is already with his family. For the moment he is under the care of his maternal aunt.
Francys Caballero, Sutran spokesperson, said that the company Sajy operated in an informal whereabouts despite having authorization to depart from the terminal of Plaza Norte.
According to information from Canal N, the drivers of the interprovincial bus have been placed at the hands of the Public Ministry.
The Ministry of the Interior informed that Experts of Investigation of Crimes Against the State of the PNP will inspect this Monday at 10:00 a.m. the vehicle that caught fire in Fiori last Sunday.
The mayor of San Martin de Porres said Monday morning that “the place of the tragedy is not a terminal, but a garage” and that it did not have authorization from the municipality to operate as a loading and unloading area. of passengers. “These people were working in total secrecy and outside the law.”
The bus driver of the company Sajy, as well as his assistant, are being subjected to a toxicological test.
Wilmer Andía, president of the association of Interprovincial Transportistas, held the municipality of Lima and San Martin de Porres responsible for what happened in Fiori on the night of this last Sunday. He said that after they were allowed to work at the Marco Polo terminal, “without any kind of precaution or foresight,” they were denied operating licenses.
The Minister of Transport and Communications, Edmer Trujillo, said that “the terminals or informal stops are not the responsibility of the MTC, but are the responsibility of the municipal authority.” However, he indicated that his portfolio is working with some municipalities, such as the district of La Victoria and Metropolitan Lima, through agreements that allow them to “jointly address informality.”

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