Congress rejected the presidential vacancy against Martín Vizcarra

The vacancy motion against President Martín Vizcarra for moral incapacity was debated one week after being admitted by the Plenary. However, after more than eight hours of debate, he did not reach the 87 votes necessary to remove the president.

The Plenary of Congress rejected on Friday night the vacancy motion against the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, who must continue with his mandate until 2021.

After more than eight hours of debate, the Legislature did not reach the necessary votes to vacate Martín Vizcarra. In total, 32 congressmen voted in favor, 78 against, while 15 abstained.

87 votes were needed to achieve the removal of the president, that is, two-thirds of the Congress. The motion proposed to vacate President Martín Vizcarra for the audios that link him to the ‘Richard Swing’ case.

The president appeared this morning before the Plenary of the Legislature and maintained that “the only illegal thing” verified so far was the clandestine recording of the audios. Vizcarra also requested that the matter be fully investigated.

Audios and vacancy request.
The motion for presidential vacancy due to moral incapacity was presented and admitted last Friday, after Congressman Edgar Alarcón released a series of audios linking the president to the “Richard Swing” case.

Alarcón chairs the Congressional Control and Control Commission, which conducts the investigation into Cisneros’ contracts with the Ministry of Culture.

In the recordings, the ex-workers of the Executive, Karem Roca and Mirian Morales, were listened to coordinate with the president the response that he would give for the income of the singer Richard Cisneros to the Government Palace.

After this, the IDL Reporteros portal revealed that the president of Congress, Manuel Merino, tried to communicate with high-ranking members of the Armed Forces to discuss a possible departure from Vizcarra, before the vacancy motion was presented.

From the Executive they indicated that there was a “conspiracy” underway to violate the constitutional order. In this regard, Merino acknowledged the calls and said that it was only a call for calm.

Meanwhile, the Government presented a jurisdictional claim with a precautionary measure before the Constitutional Court (TC) against the motion of vacancy due to moral incapacity against the president.

As explained by the Minister of Justice, Ana Neyra, this lawsuit seeks for the TC to determine how the cause of permanent moral incapacity should be interpreted. Finally, the highest interpreter of the Constitution decided to admit the demand, but rejected the precautionary measure.

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