Congressman Yonhy Lescano is denounced for harassing journalist

The journalist attacked presented the complaint of sexual harassment against Yonhy Lescano to the Procurator of the Congress.

The journalist who denounced being sexually harassed accused Accion Popular parliamentarian Yonhy Lescano of being responsible. The communicator met with the Procurator of Congress to whom he delivered the complaint he made.

At the aforementioned meeting, the aggrieved journalist was also with Parliamentarians Tania Pariona, Paloma Noceda, and Daniel Salaverry, who signed the minutes that will later be sent to the Public Ministry and the Congressional Ethics Committee.
On the eve, conversations had been leaked by WhatsApp where Yonhy Lescano sexually harasses the journalist, as the same communicator has said. In the minutes the evidence that complicates the situation of the Popular Action congressman has been added.

It is important to note that Yonhy Lescano is part of the Congressional Ethics Committee and that is why she will have to inhibit herself so that the investigations can be developed.

After the denunciation was made public against Yonhy Lescano, several parliamentarians have pronounced themselves in this case asking for an urgent investigation.

“Well known the sexual harassment complaint against Congressman Lescano is demanding a quick and impartial investigation, the same for all, without political colors, the harassment is unacceptable, my support to the victim and his brave denunciation”, said Mercedes Aráoz on Twitter.

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