COVID-19: MINSA disinfect the building in which the second victim died

In coordination with the Minsa, the Municipality of Miraflores performs cleaning of the perimeter.
After the death of a person by COVID-19 in the Santa Ana building on Thursday, March 19, the Municipality of Miraflores, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, performs the cleaning of the perimeter as required by protocols in this type of case .

According to the human development manager of the Miraflorina commune, Luis Llanos, cleaning is first carried out with soapy water and then disinfection with a chlorine-based solution. He stressed that as long as the residents of the Malecón Armendáriz do not circulate around the place, there will be no risk of permanent contamination.

He also indicated that a special unit has been set up to collect biocontaminant waste that may be generated from now on in this building. “We have coordinated with a relative of the deceased to enter the home and be able to remove the trash and dispose of it properly,” he said.

He also urged the neighbors to stay in their rooms and follow the recommendations of internal disinfection that corresponds to each of them. “With this there will be no danger that the building may continue to be contaminated if there is another contaminated neighbor,” he said.

On the other hand, he informed that the Minsa has arranged two crews to attend to the people who live in the Santa Ana building: one to provide psychological and psychiatric attention; and another to establish the epidemiological fence identifying each of the possible patients who have been infected with the coronavirus.

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