Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 shook Pisco this morning

The telluric movement was felt in the capital averaging 10:50 in the morning, in Ica.
An earthquake of magnitude 5.3 was recorded on Thursday morning in Pisco, Ica, according to the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP).

The Pisco population immediately evacuated against the movement that was recorded 34 kilometers southwest of the district and province of Pisco, in the Ica region. It happened at 10:50:31 minutes and it had a depth of 63 kilometers.
Meanwhile, the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy of Peru ruled out that this earthquake registered in Ica will generate a tsunami in the Peruvian coast. This had an intensity III-IV in Pisco, but was also felt in other areas, such as Cañete and in Lima, especially those who were in the high buildings of the capital.

Last Wednesday, the same region registered an earthquake of magnitude 4.2, 44 kilometers west of the province of Palpa.

Remember that, in the face of an earthquake of great magnitude, INDECI recommends keeping calm and immediately locating safe places. In addition, as recommended by the authorities, you should have an emergency backpack with basic provisions located in a strategic area of ​​the house for easy and quick pick-up.

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