Elderly man with COVID-19 was transferred to the Rebagliati hospital after complaint from a shelter nurse

A nurse who was in charge of a nursing home in San Borja reported the poor working conditions within the facility. Hours later, an EsSalud ambulance arrived at the scene to attend to and transport one of the critically ill elderly people.

According to the woman’s testimony, she took care of five older adults and two of her companions, all victims of the new coronavirus. Of these, two elderly people were in critical condition and three were asymptomatic patients. However, the biggest problem is that nobody came to help him, despite the conditions of the elderly and being the vulnerable population of COVID-19.

Zenely Fernández, a nurse, stated that she did not see her family days ago for not leaving her patients in the retirement home in San Borja. “I have two girls at home and my husband is waiting for me. My daughters are waiting for me at home, ”she told America. Despite everything, the woman continued “for humanity” caring for the elderly.

Even a 94-year-old woman had also tested positive for the virus on the molecular test. For this reason, his patients joined in looking for a solution. “We ask the State to find a solution and to help people in critical condition,” he said.

After several hours of reporting, an ambulance arrived at the facility to attend to patients. “We are going to evaluate the applicants of the service, if it is necessary to transfer them or if they remain at rest,” said a hospital nurse.

After evaluation, one of the patients was transferred to the Rebagliati hospital, where he will complete his period of isolation. Meanwhile, the other older adults will continue at the facility. For its part, the Senior Citizens Department of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations requested that the elders who tested positive be taken to the Villa Panamericana.

On the other hand, EsSalud indicated that the delay in hours to attend said case is due to all the emergencies nationwide. “At this juncture it is not inefficient to delay arriving because there are no millions of ambulances or millions of nurses. It is doing its best. ”

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