Exsereno threatened Susel Paredes during reopening of Gamarra

‘Papachón’, former manager of Elías Cuba, also launched homophobic insults against the La Victoria official.

The Supervisory Manager of La Victoria, Susel Paredes, was threatened by an ex-manager from the previous mayor, Elías Cuba, last Thursday, during the first day of Gamarra’s reopening.

The mayor of the district George Forsyth reported that it is a subject, nicknamed ‘Papachón’, who has multiple previous complaints.

“Yesterday a person came to insult, even with homophobia, and to threaten Susel Paredes with death. A deranged guy who has been serene with Elías Cuba. A tremendous criminal, “said Forsyth.

Given this fact, the mayor and asked for guarantees for his life.

The burgomaster indicated that the mafia tries to “throw itself down the operative”, for that reason they have arranged shelter in all the zone. “For a block they charged 5 thousand soles per position. Imagine removing whole apples. Someone must be hurt, “he added.

The mayor described the operation positively, because it has been developing without acts of violence. George Forsyth also asked for patience for some inconvenience that may be generated. With the passing of the days, details such as the authorization of more income and extension of the opening hours will be refined.

“People have been able to buy without ambulatory trade and in total safety. The subject of the accesses will correct certain details […] We would like to open more doors but it is the Police itself that tells us that it may be out of control, “he said.

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