Gareca: “Ready for the friendlies is linked to the World Cup”

Ricardo Gareca sat at La Videna and gave the first interview, in the year of the World Cup. The Argentine strategist touched on topics of national interest such as Paolo Guerrero, the list of friendly matches and the players who will go to Russia 2018.

Ricardo Gareca spoke with the local press for more than 50 minutes. The Argentine strategist solved the doubts about Paolo Guerrero, the list of friendlies and the players that will dispute the 2018 World Cup. Without giving names, he assured that only those that have continuity will be taken into account.

Paolo Guerrero: FIFA sanction and sports continuity

“Everything depends on Paolo Guerrero. Unfortunately, the sanction does not allow him to have the necessary soccer rhythm; but we believe that with the professionalism that he has, he will be in the best way “.

Christian Cueva: delays in Sao Paulo and possible transfer

“When you have the responsibility to represent a country, everything you do can affect the image. It is very important for us to know where you are going to play. We follow it, we orient it, but we do not decide. I will process what happens in the sports field. ”

Cristian Benavente: possible call to the selection

“They have always been taken into account and now it’s up to them to be ready in the final stretch. We have always been on top of Cristian Benavente. It is logical that people are inclined towards him. It is normal. He has a lot of charisma. ”

Luis Abram: his arrival at Vélez Sarsfield

“I had nothing to do with hiring Abram; but they did call me to ask for references. I said what I thought and then Vélez decided. ”

About the list to the World Cup Russia 2018

“With the responsibility of a World Cup we will try to choose those who are at their best and in the best conditions. In the definitive list there may be players who do not play regularly; but that they train in a normal way. The list will be released on the first days of March. The presence of eleven or fourteen players, of the youth of the Peruvian national team, in support of the national team is confirmed. They will travel accompanied by Daniel Ahmed. ”

Watch the entire interview  (Spanish on Facebook’s page El Comercio)

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