Héctor Becerril’s adviser was found dead

“I am very sorry that citizen insecurity has reached such extremes,” said the Popular Force legislator, commenting on the death of Igor García Nieto, who worked for five years in his office.

Congressman Héctor Becerril (Fuerza Popular) reported that a member of his parliamentary office, identified as Igor García Nieto, was found dead after attending a social event in Cieneguilla. In statements to the press, the legislator informed that this person worked for five years in his office as a technician.

“He is in the Morgue and has been murdered, and I am very sorry that citizen insecurity has reached such extremes: a young man with a great future ahead of us today has his life expectancy truncated,” he said after stating that the young man was found in an open field. a police patrol car.

The legislator specified that the worker was found with several blows to the forehead and head, as well as several bruises on different parts of the body. The parliamentarian said that this case should call attention to the increase in citizen security.
Report attempted theft and physical aggression

At another point, the legislator reported that three weeks ago, after going to the Chorrillos prison, he was the victim of an assault with a firearm to snatch his cell phone, regardless of whether he was with his security personnel.

“I do not know with what intention, witness of this is the member of my security, I did not tell the police or journalism because when it is from Fuerza Popular this does not matter, what relevance can it have that a congressman has been given a pistol? in the head? “, he said.

“He approached me (the delinquent), he was with the window open, he put the gun to my head and asked for my cell phone, my cell phone fell in the middle of the car, I could not give it to him, he left, he came back and he hit me with the revolver in my head and he bruised me and he retired, he added.

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