Hernando Cevallos: “The link between Galarreta and Chávarry is undeniable”

The Frente Amplio congressman considered it “unwise” to have proposed Luis Galarreta, from Fuerza Popular, as the rapporteur for the investigation against Pedro Chávarry.

Congressman Hernando Cevallos, of the Frente Amplio, questioned that the Popular Force legislator Luis Galarreta has been proposed as a delegate in charge of the investigation against the ex-prosecutor of the Nation, Pedro Chávarry, in the Congress.

“Here we need that at the head of the investigation of Pedro Chávarry is a person who has at least the transparency in the specific case, that leaves no doubt. The linkage of Galarreta and Chávarry is undeniable, “he told La República.
Last Tuesday, the president of the Subcommission of Constitutional Accusations, César Segura, proposed that his colleague Luis Galarreta be the rapporteur for the case of Pedro Chávarry and that was approved by a majority in the group.

In response, Hernando Cevallos questioned the approach and called it “unfortunate”, because it raises questions about the impartiality of the case. He assured that the link between Luis Galarreta and Pedro Chávarry is clear.

“How will there not be (linkage)? If it belongs to the party that has publicly defended Chávarry. That should only be a reason why Galarreta is not in charge of the investigation, “he said.
The congressman said that, in this way, Fuerza Popular only demonstrates that “it remains interested in shielding Chávarry”.

The designation of Luis Galarreta as the delegate of the investigation will become official after the working group notifies the parties involved.

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