Huaico buries machinery operator when cleaning blocked area

The firemen and agents of the National Police continue the rescue of the remains of the operator that was pushed by a huaico falling down a slope of 300 meters in Huancavelica.

Last Sunday, heavy machinery operator Robert Pari Castro, 32, was doing cleanup work on the Ticrapo-Castrovirreyna highway, in Huancavelica, when he was buried and dragged by a new hurricane that fell into the area and pushed him into a 300 meters slope.

Pari disappeared with his tractor at kilometer 44 of the highway known as Manzanares. On Monday they began the rescue work and found the heavy machinery destroyed, and remains of the victim’s lower limb.
The Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) Huancavelica reported that rescue work was suspended on Monday due to heavy rain and haze.

After the second day of work, they still can not find the rest of Pari Castro. Four members of the Fire Company, eight members of the National Police Emergency Squadron and rescuers from the Huancavelica Regional Health Directorate are still searching.

Danger in the search

In the area, where they found the tractor destroyed, there is much risk for a new fall of huaicos which would cause the death of the rescuers themselves, informed the head of the Huancavelica Fire Company, Clyde Montoya.

“We fear for our safety, there is a lot of risk to continue the search of the body of the victim. It may be the case that there is another avalanche of mud and we are all buried”, Montoya said.

Manzanares Bridge destroyed

The huaicos that fell in the zone also caused the destruction of a part of the Manzanares bridge. The localities near the district of Ticrapo were without electricity and the inhabitants perform work to enable vehicular traffic in the area.

The Executive Power declared today the state of emergency the department of Huancavelica, by disaster due to intense rainfall. The measure is valid for 60 calendar days.

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