Ica: Workers from the agro-export sector block the Panamericana Sur to demand job improvements

Since early morning, users reported that the protesters have been holding a peaceful protest on the Panamericana Sur in the direction of Lima. However, they have been preventing the passage of some vehicles.

Workers in the agro-export sector in Ica continue to protest to demand the repeal of the Agrarian Promotion Law. Users returning to Lima reported the blockade on the Panamericana Sur, which only allowed the pass of older adults or pregnant women.

Since this last Monday, these demonstrations have been taking place since the afternoon. The workers denounce mistreatment, bad payments and and demand labor rights.

Julio Carbajal, president of the Ica Agrarian Workers Front (Frentagri), demanded the repeal of emergency decree 043-2019, approved by then-president Martín Vizcarra, which extends the validity of the agrarian promotion law for ten years.

In an interview with RPP, he pointed out that workers in the sector receive a salary of 39.10 Soles for 12 hours of daily work. “Sometimes we reach 20 or 15 soles. Some are parents, and that wage is not enough [to live],” he said.

A user pointed out at dawn this Tuesday via Rotafono that the protesters were burning tires at kilometer 270 and were preventing the passage of vehicles. In addition, it is specified that the police presence was registered, but that they were only guarding since the demonstrations had been peaceful.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers announced through its Twitter account that a high-level delegation from the Executive will arrive to “establish a space for dialogue and listen to the demands of the agrarian leaders, with the mediation of the local authorities.”

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