“If he does not resign, he must be censored”: Keiko Fujimori demands investigations against the government of Manuel Merino

The leader of Fuerza Popular affirms that her party “will support the immediate convocation of the full Congress.” For her, the two deaths on Saturday were the fault of the political crisis.

The leader of the Fuerza Popular party, Keiko Fujimori, spoke through networks about the death of two protesters in the protests against the government of Manuel Merino and called for “their immediate resignation or censorship.”

Through her Twitter account, the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori lamented the death of these young people “because of this political crisis.”

“I deeply regret that two young people have lost their lives due to this political crisis. The situation is unsustainable. If President Merino does not resign, he must be censured today, “he said.

She also pointed out that her party, Popular Force, “will support the immediate convocation of the full Congress” to evaluate the permanence of the current president.

Popular Force voted unanimously (15 votes) for the vacancy of former president Martín Vizcarra last Monday, prompting Merino’s ascension to his current position.

Diethell Columbus, spokesman for Fuerza Popular, indicated that they are responsible for having vacated former President Martín Vizcarra due to serious questions. However, “the consequences that have happened are the responsibility of the Government, because they are the ones who have the function of ensuring internal order,” he said.

The leader of Fuerza Popular faces an investigation for the alleged crime of money laundering due to the contributions she would have received from the Odebrecht company and other businessmen to finance her presidential campaigns.

This Saturday, November 14, the second national march against the Government of Manuel Merino was held, which left two young people dead in the capital.

After that, most of the members of the Ministerial Cabinet have announced their resignation, among them Sara Seminario to the Mincetur, María del Carmen Reparaz to the Ministry of Culture, Fernando D’Alessio to the Ministry of Education, Abel Salinas to the Ministry of Health and others.

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