Interprovincial bus fell into an abyss in the Sierra de La Libertad: there are at least 18 dead and 25 injured

The accident happened this morning in a section of the Charat highway, in the province of Otuzco. The injured were transferred to Trujillo emergency.

An interprovincial bus of the Ibatursa company fell into an abyss 300 meters deep in the Sierra de La Libertad, causing at least 18 dead and 25 wounded, the largest PNP Luis Coveñas, commissioner of Otuzco, told RPP Noticias.

The heavy vehicle fell off on a section of the Charat highway, in circumstances that are grounds for investigation, although the officer estimated that one of the causes could be the dense fog in the area, together with the wet track due to the rains of the night.

Santos León, representative of the Ibatursa company, assured that the accident would have occurred due to “climatic factors”.

The survivors of this accident are being transferred to the Peruvian American Clinic, in Trujillo.

The interprovincial bus left this morning from the town of Callancas, province of Otuzco, to Trujillo.

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