Interrogation to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was rescheduled for this Friday

Reprogramming was indicated by César Nakazaki, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s lawyer, who is in preliminary detention for 10 days. The driver, José Luis Bernaola, will also be questioned.
For this Thursday, prosecutor José Domingo Pérez was scheduled to question detainee Pedro Pablo Kuczynski for the investigation of Odebrecht’s payments to his companies. However, the proceeding was rescheduled for Friday afternoon.

This was stated by César Nakazaki, Kuczynski’s lawyer, arguing that the reasons for the rescheduling was due to the recent arrest, given that the former president was adjusting.
“If only yesterday (Wednesday) has been locked up in prison and was just adjusting, it was absurd that at 9 a.m. the statement will be taken, “said César Nakazaki,” this has been understood by the prosecutor and he has rescheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at 3 p.m. where the questions will be answered. “

The lawyer recalled that nine proceedings have been carried out and that all of them have attended his client. “One information that the Prosecutor’s Office concealed from the court is that the nine times he was called to testify, in the Westfield case, he has concurred,” he added.
César Nakazaki added that Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s driver, José Luis Bernaola, will also be questioned. This diligence will be at 9 a.m., according to the lawyer, stating that it will not necessarily be José Domingo Pérez who takes the statement from both, but could be someone from his team.

According to the fiscal hypothesis, Kuczynski would have intervened directly to make the “corrupting agreement” between Jorge Barata and Alejandro Toledo concrete so that Odebrecht could win sections 2 and 3 of the South Interoceanic Highway.

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