Keiko Fujimori was released from the Chorrillos Women’s Annex prison after spending three months in detention

Keiko Fujimori, investigated by the Odebrecht case, left the Chorrillos Women’s Annex prison this afternoon, where she was hospitalized for 97 days, just over three months. The release of the Fuerza Popular leader was released last week by an appeals chamber that revoked the order of 15 months of preventive detention that she had been serving since late January.

The former presidential candidate left the prison around 04:00 p.m., wearing a white blouse, a jacket, a blue jean, tied hair and a white mask. He also carried a manila envelope and a bag in his hands. Outside the prison there were no followers of Fuerza Popular, as happened in his first release in November 2019. There was only the press, to which Keiko Fujimori greeted, but did not testify, before boarding a gray taxi with which he left the place. . Only her brother Hiro Fujimori accompanied her.

Before her release, Keiko Fujimori said on Facebook that the first thing she would do after leaving the prison was to undergo a molecular test to rule out if she has a coronavirus and that, until the result was obtained, she would not be reunited with her daughters. . She also asked that similar tests be done to the inmates of the Chorrillos Women’s Annex prison, where in total she spent 16 months in two periods: October 2018 to November 2018 and from late January 2020 to early May.
Court orders

The decision of the court that released Keiko Fujimori was known last week after an appeal hearing to his preventive prison in which the Public Ministry did not participate. For the prosecutor Rafael Vela, coordinator of the Lava Jato Special Team, the decision of the appeals chamber was illegal and was even made before the hearing, so he prepares two appeals in response.

The defense of Keiko Fujimori has not questioned the measure, but this Monday requested clarification regarding one of the restrictions imposed on him within his appearance with restrictions: the prohibition of not being able to communicate with his co-investigators and witnesses, among whom are her husband, Mark Vito Vilanella, her lawyer, Giulliana Loza, her sister Sachi and her mother, Susana Higuchi.

For this reason, attorney Giulliana Loza indicated that Keiko Fujimori will not have contact with them until clarification is received from the Judiciary. As RPP Noticias learned, her husband and daughters moved to their mother’s house to comply with this order not to have contact with her.

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