La Victoria: 1,500 police officers recover order in Gamarra

Reordering. During an early morning operation they took the 19 doors of the commercial emporium to prevent the entry of informals. Then they seized merchandise that was stored in the streets and prevented the passage of strangers. Closure will be for three days.

The commercial emporium of Gamarra dawned yesterday differently. The streets and sidewalks once crowded with street vendors, squeezers and waste, this time looked empty and silent.

After decades of informality, insecurity and poor hygiene, the commercial emporium was closed to the public for 72 hours by order of the district municipality of La Victoria.

To what end? Implement a reordering program in place for the benefit of thousands of formal traders whose income is diminished due to the presence of street vendors

In the next hours, the main tasks to be met by the municipality in Gamarra will be the cleaning, signage of pedestrian crossings, lighting, inspection and security in the more than 25 thousand stores of the formal merchants in the galleries. Also the installation of security cameras.

The change of the face of Gamarra began at 3 in the morning, three weeks after the municipality approved an ordinance prohibiting outpatient trade.

At that time, more than a thousand agents from the Special Services Unit and the Terna Police Group took the 19 access doors to the emporium, restricting access to the public. Serena from La Victoria and Lima supported this work.

Immediately afterwards, they confiscated meshes, rolling stands and bales with clothes that street vendors kept in nearby streets. The items were collected by serene and taken by truck to their central location where they can be recovered by their owners.

Neighbors and workers of the 36 blocks intervened complained about the delay in the implementation of an identification and entry system. Yesterday there were orange bracelets, but today it will be different.
End informality

The mayor of the district, George Forsyth, described the operation yesterday as “the end of the ambulatory trade and the appropriation of public spaces by pseudo businessmen”, who had the habit of leaving bales of clothes on public roads, strollers sangucheros tied to poles of public lighting, shelves built into walls and turn streets into garages.

“Three days are nothing after living years without sales because of the ambulatory trade, that’s clear to them,” formal entrepreneurs are happy with this operation, “Forsyth said.
Ten thousand itinerants

During the three weeks prior to the operation, the municipality registered more than ten thousand itinerants. They were offered the option of moving to formality, even with a local at zero cost for a short time, in exchange for leaving the streets.

“There are 5 thousand entrepreneurs entering a gallery, we have spaces for all the street vendors here, the thing is, do you want or do you not want to work formally? Opportunities are there, there are spaces,” he said.
And despite the closure of Gamarra, vendors of food and clothing were stationed on the periphery of the emporium, along Aviación and 28 de Julio avenues. Some chose to finish off their merchandise as polos, divers and vests to five soles, to take some money home.
Colleges without classes

And because of the fear of violent acts that put at risk the safety of schoolchildren from schools near Gamarra, the Ministry of Education ordered the suspension of the start of the school year in seven schools located near or within the so-called checkers A and B .
Through a statement, UGEL 3 indicated that the measure seeks to safeguard the integrity of schoolchildren. The duration of the measure will be until the municipality of La Victoria ensures free transit and public order. The Gamarra Metro station was also closed.
“We want order”

The temporary closure of Gamarra was supported by formal businessmen who now expect there to be order to raise their economy. “We only want order, I trust in the support the police will make until our economy recovers, so many years lost, closing a few days is not a big deal,” said businessman Diogenes Alva.

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