Lambayeque: Karatecas conquer the US

Success. Norteños monopolized trophies in the World Martial Arts Championship developed in Miami.

Lambayeque Every effort has its reward and thus the team of Peruvians members of the Ibero-American Karate Association (AIBERKA) managed to shine in the recent world martial arts championship developed in Miami, United States.

There were 22 trophies, between first, second and third place. So also two golden plates in Kata team and the admiration of the American public that highlighted the national participation in this event.

The national team was made up of Moisés Yauce, Rosa Díaz, Mariana Chambergo, Ida Chambergo, Pierina Suplihuiche, Erick Coronel and sensei George Díaz, who is both sports leader and founding president of the organization.

National athletes left Peru’s name high among 90 academies, schools and world associations with the participation of 1300 athletes.

They belong to different organizations that shined in this competition, such as Kime Waza Club – AIBERKA Lima, Kiritsu Chikara Club – AIBERKA Chiclayo, Los Tigres de Ferreñafe Club – AIBERKA Ferreñafe, Lambayeque Region Club – AIBERKA Pimentel, Kiritsu Chusei Karate Club – AIBERKA Chiclayo.


Moisés Yauce won first place in continuous combat, leaving the name of the country high. In addition, he added the second place trophy in Kata.

Rosa Díaz won two trophies as absolute champion in Kata and Figth Point, adding the second place trophy in continuous combat.

For his part, sensei George Diaz won the champion’s trophy in traditional and mixed forms, followed by second place (trophy) in creative ways. A success of our athletes.

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