Last Minute: Alan García died after shooting himself to avoid arrest

The ex-president Alan García Pérez ceased to exist this Wednesday, after attempting against his life to avoid his preliminary arrest against him.

Former President Alan García Pérez died Wednesday morning, after shooting himself in the head, when police officers entered his home in Miraflores to arrest him in a preliminary manner.

Alan García Pérez used a firearm to attack his life. According to Interior Minister Carlos Moran, the former president told the police that he would call his lawyer from his room and the latter heard a shot.

Immediately, Alan García was transferred to the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital, from where -hours later- the Minister of Health, Zulema Tomás Gonzáles, announced that the Aprista had three cardiac arrests.

He also announced that Alan García’s situation was delicate and critical. For his part, the personal secretary of former president Alan García, Ricardo Pinedo, said that the shot was committed inside his bedroom while the prosecutor in charge of the case tried to enter his home.

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