Lourdes Flores refused to answer about Odebrecht’s contributions to her campaign

Lava jato. The former presidential candidate argued that they did not cite her for her case but as a witness about the financing of the Apra campaign in 2006 and Keiko Fujimori’s campaign in 2011.

Lourdes Flores received a legal challenge to not answer the questions she was asked about presumed Odebrecht contributions to her presidential campaign in 2006 and municipal in 2010. Upon entering the Office of the Laundering of Assets, at 10:30 am., said that she was summoned as a witness on the financing of the presidential campaigns of Alan García in 2006 and Keiko Fujimori in 2011. And for nothing else.

Upon her departure, the lawyer argued that she did not respond to any other issue that they consulted.

“I have indicated that it is not in this declaration to respond to that,” he said and admitted that they asked him some questions about his case, which he will answer in due course.

As recalled, a few weeks ago in Brazil the former executive of Odebrechet Raymundo Trindade acknowledged before the prosecutor Germán Juárez that the construction company collaborated with $ 200,000 for the Flores Nano campaign at the request of Horacio Cánepa, a referee close to that company.

“When a witness is summoned, it is for him to answer what knowledge he has about specific facts.” This morning I had to answer what I know about the financing of Apra, and since I do not know anything, those have been my answers, “said the ex-candidate of the Party. Popular Christian (PPC).

Immediately afterwards, Flores insisted that he did not answer any other issue that had been alien because he does not have to do it in said citation.

She pointed out that it seemed strange to her that the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez had called her to testify about APRA and Fuerza Popular, but concurred by claiming to be respectful of the authority.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, she went back to the Office of the Money Laundering Prosecutor to testify about the financing of Keiko Fujimori’s campaign in 2011. Her answers were the same: she does not know anything.
There is no research

Sources of the Public Ministry indicated that at this moment there is no preliminary investigation of Lourdes Flores for the alleged contributions to her campaign. And as a lawyer, she knows that yesterday she had no obligation to answer on that subject.

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