Manuel Burga was disabled for life by FIFA after violating the Code of Ethics

Manuel Burga, former president of the FPF, was convicted – according to FIFA – of receiving bribes with two former CONMEBOL directors.

The resolution chamber of the FIFA Ethics Commission decided to permanently disqualify the Peruvian Manuel Burga and the Argentines Eduardo Deluca and José Luis Meiszner, former directors of Conmebol, by declaring them guilty of bribery and of violating the Code of Ethics of the organization.

FIFA recalled that the investigations that were subject to the sanctions are related to their participation in a series of bribes within the concession of television and marketing rights for Conmebol (Deluca) and Conmebol and Concacaf (Meiszner) tournaments and Manuel Burga) between 2004 and 2012, as well as in 2012 and 2015.

For the Ethics Commission, Deluca, Meiszner and Manuel Burga violated Article 27 (Bribery) of the FIFA Code of Ethics, so they are disabled for life to participate in football-related activities (administrative, sports or otherwise) ), both nationally and internationally.

The sanctions were notified on Tuesday and each of them will have to pay a fine of one million Swiss francs.

Eduardo Deluca was General Secretary of Conmebol and member of several permanent FIFA commissions; José Luis Meiszner was also secretary general of the South American institution and the Argentine Football Association and Manuel Burga was a member of the executive committee of Conmebol, president of the FPF (Peruvian Football Federation) and member of a permanent commission of the highest body of the world football

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