Manuel Merino resigns from the Presidency of the Republic

Manuel Merino assumed power on Tuesday, November 10, after voting for the presidential vacancy against Martín Vizcarra by 105 votes in Congress in favor and only 19 votes against.

After more than 12 hours of silence after confirming the deaths of two young people in the second National March, Manuel Merino, temporary president of the Republic, resigned “irrevocably” to the presidency of the Republic after the events that left them dead, wounded and missing in the march against their government.

“At this time, where the country is going through one of the greatest political crises, I want to inform the entire country that I present my irrevocable resignation to the position of President of the Republic and invoke peace and unity for all Peruvians”, said.

He assured that he has received the letters, making their positions available to all the ministers of the Flores-Aráoz cabinet. “I must announce that the ministers will continue in their positions until the uncertainty of the current moment in which we live can be resolved. In no way will there be a power vacuum,” he said.

“The unfortunate events that occurred in the last hours aggravate the crisis that we were already going through and that caused the vacancy of former president Martín Vizcarra a few days ago,” began his message.


The Board of Spokespersons decided to urge Manuel Merino to present “immediately” his letter of resignation to the Presidency of the Republic. The president of the Congress of the Republic, Luiz Valdez pointed out that otherwise Manuel Merino does not present his resignation, then Congress will proceed to initiate a process of censorship for the respective presidential succession.

“We have agreed to urge the President of the Republic, Manuel Merino, to immediately present his letter of resignation to the Presidency of the Republic of Peru. This with the sole purpose and sole purpose of safeguarding the life, health and integrity of all Peruvians, “he said


According to reports confirmed by RPP Noticias, Manuel Merino and his premier had summoned the leaders of the armed forces. AA. and the National Police of Peru for a meeting at 07:45 in the morning. However, none of them attended.

Despite this, Prime Minister Ántero Flores-Aráoz denied that he had summoned the commanders of the Armed Forces to an emergency meeting this Sunday morning. “They had not been summoned, as I understand it. Today in the morning? I do not know. I’m frank with you: I don’t know, I was here, ”he assured the press before heading to the Government Palace.

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