Ombudsman’s Office: There are no people left to locate due to social mobilizations

The Ombudsman’s Office indicated that the case of Gabriel Rodríguez Medrano was a false report of disappearance.

The Ombudsman’s Office reported that there are no people left to search for those reported as allegedly missing in the social mobilizations registered last weekend in the historic center of Lima.

In a statement, the body led by Walter Gutiérrez Camacho indicated that the case of Gabriel Rodríguez Medrano would be a false report of disappearance.

“We have carried out search actions since the date of the complaint. Verifications were carried out in official databases, and no record of said name was found in the Reniec, SIS and Requisition Division. Neither in the lists of injured or injured people in hospitals “she said in a statement.

The Ombudsman’s Office explained that on November 15 we traveled through 16 police stations in search of the allegedly disappeared people and we did not find any detained protester.

According to the entity, on November 16 it made a public call on a national scale for the relatives of Gabriel Rodríguez to contact the Ombudsman’s Office, in order to expedite the search by having more information. However, to date, no family member, friend or acquaintance of the alleged disappeared person has come forward.

“Given this, on November 17, we went to the home of the complainant but he was not found in the place, proceeding to leave a notification of our visit and an urgent request to communicate with our institution,” he said.

“We are in a position to point out that there are reasonable indications that it could be a false report of disappearance,” the letter added.

The brutal repression of the massive citizen protest march in the capital against former President Manuel Merino left two people dead and 94 injured.

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