ONP: Premier Bermúdez announces that they will comply with the law that returns up to S/ 4,300 to affiliates

Specialists spoke out against the measure. Executive will present this week a demand before the Constitutional Court.

The president of the Council of Ministers, Violeta Bermúdez, spoke about the measures that the Government will take before the approval of the law that would allow ONP affiliates to request the return of up to S/ 4,300 of their contributions.

The premier indicated that between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow they will be presenting the claim of unconstitutionality before the Constitutional Court.

“The law is in force, we (the Executive Power) have opted for the institutional route to question it. We cannot find, or we have not discussed to postpone the validity of the law,” he commented.

By clarifying that they have not seen a way to postpone the validity of the law, it continues its course and it could proceed with the payment of 4,300 soles to members.

We respect the rule of law. We have gone to the institutional route, but if we have a deadline to comply with it, we have to do it.”

The law was published on December 4, and from that date the Executive Power has a period of 15 days to implement the operating procedure for the return of contributions.

The Ministry of Economy at this moment is working on a procedure that we are going to make known in the next few days, before the expiration of the term, so that citizens are informed about the steps that are going to be followed“, he said.

If the law follows its process, after the procedure is published, the Social Security Normalization Office (ONP) would have up to 30 days to receive each request.


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