Open disciplinary proceedings against the prosecutor who released Melisa González Gagliuffi

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a disciplinary process for a period of 60 days against prosecutor Mario Barrón Cerna, who released Melisa González Gagliuffi, responsible for the accident that took place on Javier Prado Avenue last Friday, October 11.

The Provincial Prosecutor of the Second Criminal Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of San Isidro alleged that the Police would not have timely remitted the police report; however, the PNP would have sent the document on October 12, at 11:58, within the term of the law.

He would also have indicated that it was necessary to exhaust the acts of investigation even though he already had the aforementioned police report.

Prosecutor Barrón Cerna also pointed out that he needed the medical history and medical report of the woman who was injured, as well as the necropsy of the two deceased youth.

He would have argued that by not having these documents he released Melisa González Gagliuffi, according to Canal N.

In the document of the Public Prosecutor’s Office it can be read that it has been decided to open the disciplinary procedure for “alleged administrative infraction provided for in paragraph 13) of article 47 of Law No. 30483 – Law of the Fiscal Career, considered as a very serious offense“.

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