Peru defeated Bolivia 3-1 and has one foot in the final hexagonal of the South American Sub 17

Peru achieved its first triumph in the South American Sub 17 by 3-1 against Bolivia. The ‘white-red’ goals were from Figueroa, Celi and Caipo.

Peru clearly beat Bolivia at the San Marcos stadium for the fourth day of the South American Sub 17. The team led by Carlos Silvestri beat the ‘altiplánico’ team with a clear score of 3-1.

The Peruvian U-17 team started a bit hesitant, leaving Bolivia to be the first team to arrive with danger to the rival area, however, after the first attack, the ‘blanquirrojos’ settled on the field getting the first goal at minute 41 by Figueroa after Grimaldo’s center.

The second half started with a Bolivia determined to achieve the draw, which came thanks to the ‘header’ of Jeyson Chura. Peru was not intimidated by adversity and managed to turn the score with Yuriel Celis’s scores at minute 65 with a penalty kick and Rafael Caipo at 90 ‘with an accurate’ testa ‘hit.

With this result, the Peruvian team climbs up to box 2 of group A with 5 points, reaching an unbeatable situation at the last date. The ‘blanquirroja’ is measured against an already qualified Ecuador and still losing by two goals, will be in the final instance of the South American Sub 17.

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