Peruvian quinoa, the ‘super food’ that accelerates its entry into the Chinese market this 2018

Admission to the new market would have a positive impact on quinoa producers in Cusco, Puno, Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Arequipa.

Good news. The entry of Peruvian quinoa to China is expected to be completed, as it is estimated that the signing of the sanitary protocol for this Andean grain is likely to be ready later this year, according to the chairman of the Association of Exporters and Other Grains of the Association of Exporters ( Adex), Andrés Escalante.

“This negotiation marks a historic milestone, because it represents a great opportunity for the number of consumers of a growing middle class and with an increasing purchasing power in that Asian destination,” he said. The possibility of the entry of quinoa – a super food with high demand in other countries of the region – would follow several meetings between the Adex Committee of Other Grains and the National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa), which saw the visit of representatives of the health authority of China to several quinoa processing plants and producers in Puno and Lima, noting the high quality standards with which they work.

In fact, in a working meeting with Senasa and Adex businessmen, representatives of the Chinese health authority said that the inspection was satisfactory. “We believe that their quality and processing are safe and reliable, since their export meets the requirements and standards of food and phytosanitary security of importing countries. Peru exports to many countries in recent years and that is important for us, “they said.

“The export of this ‘superfood’, last year, reached 123 million 762 thousand dollars. The next opening will benefit some 20,000 producers in Cusco, Puno, Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Arequipa, “he said.

Between January and July of this year, the export of quinoa reached 72 million 157 thousand dollars, which represented a fall of -0.7%. Its main destinations were United States, Canada, France. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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