Prosecutor’s Office: Government Palace deleted visits and emails involving “Richard Swing”

A report presented in Punto Final shows that the Prosecutor’s Office found seven admissions of Richard Cisneros to the Government Palace, when only 2 are registered.

The expertise of the Prosecutor’s Office has determined that information on the entry of visits to the Government Palace, as well as mail, was erased. Between 2017 and 2019, 27,420 records were eliminated, as stated in Sunday’s Punto Final.

Of the records recovered, five emails requested the entry of singer Richard Cisneros, known as “Richard Swing.” With these, there are seven income that the artist would have had. Apart from the two declared by the Government Palace –previously- there are the meetings on the dates:


It is noteworthy that on August 7, 2017, the president’s former assistant, Karem Roca, sent an email to [email protected] so that she could take “knowledge and the pertinent actions as requested.” In the text, it indicates that the vice president has already spoken with Minister Salvador Del Solar.

Attached to the email is a letter in which Richard Swing sought to meet with then-Vice President Martín Vizcarra to “request a meeting as soon as possible to explain a national cultural and musical project called, ‘Peru, I love you.’

Punto Final contacted the former head of the Ministerial Cabinet and former Minister of Culture, Salvador del Solar, who explained that he does not remember the letter of August 2017, but does remember that he met with Richard Cisneros on September 28, 2017. This has been exposed in July of this year for the expertise on the case. Finally, Del Solar denies that during his tenure there were any contracts with Mr. Richard Cisneros.

Another email is that of June 12, 2018, where he was authorized to enter the Government Palace to meet with SPR, an acronym that according to the Prosecutor’s Office would correspond to “Mr. President of the Republic.” This could confirm that the artist did have a meeting with him.

Although these documents are not yet decisive, they do show that Richard Cisneros’s ties to the Government Palace are notorious and that is that, according to a guest register recovered by the Prosecutor’s Office, the artist was present at the inauguration of President Martín Vizcarra .

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