Rímac: Shoe factory caught fire near the Mariscal Castilla market

A major fire occurred in the block 2 of Pedro Bocanegra, in the district of Rimac. To the place arrived 13 units of Firemen, who managed to control the emergency.

Until now it could not be known what was the cause that produced this voracious fire. Although the images recorded by the neighbors themselves can be seen as the smoke comes out of the property, which had no operating license, generating fear among the people of the place, who are being put safely.

Lewis Mejía, representative of the General Fire Department, spoke about the tragic fire in a media outlet: “We are worried because we have attended three major fires, Santa Anita, Comas and Lurín. For that reason we want to warn the preventive measures to the citizen security, for short circuits that demand in this season “

Mejía added that this fire emergency is registering as fire 3. He also urged people who are in nearby businesses and residences to check fire extinguishers to use them in case the fire expands. Units of the Municipality of Lima also approached the place to help the Firemen.

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