Salvador del Solar will be the new president of the Council of Ministers

President Martín Vizcarra chose as new premier the former Minister of Culture and renowned actor, Salvador del Solar, after the resignation of César Villanueva.

After the resignation of César Villanueva to the position of president of the Council of Ministers, President Martín Vizcarra chose as the new premier the former Minister of Culture and recognized actor, Salvador del Solar.

The election of Salvador del Solar transpired from Sunday, after it was known that he had a meeting with the President of the Republic, in which they had decided to take office.

Salvador del Solar would be sworn in this Monday, during the afternoon, as the president of the Cabinet, which would have some changes in the next hours, after all the ministers put their position at the disposal.

As is remembered, César Villanueva submitted his resignation to the award, just one year after taking it. As he said at a press conference, his resignation was decided by him and President Martín Vizcarra.

In December 2016, Salvador del Solar assumed the Culture portfolio, replacing Jorge Nieto, who became the Ministry of Defense. After a year, he presented his resignation letter to the then president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, when he learned that he was granted a pardon by the ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori.
Del Solar and Vizcarra

The relationship between Salvador del Solar and Martín Vizcarra has been characterized as cordial. Even in May 2017, Del Solar, who was Minister of Culture, backed Vizcarra, when he was head of the Transportation and Communications portfolio, prior to the interpellation for the Chinchero project’s addendum in Congress.

“Vizcarra is a fundamental piece of the team that we are in the Cabinet, which citizens know and value for the reaction we have had with the floods and huaicos and the preventive attitude we are having against frost and cold,” he told reporters at that moment.

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