San Miguel: Under 13 years old, died this morning after police chase

According to the police report, the minor was a co-pilot and was hit by a bullet in the middle of this police chase that began in Callao.

A confusing police intervention that began in Callao and ended on Avenida la Marina, block 22, in San Miguel, claimed the life of a child under 13 years of age. According to the police report of what happened, the deceased was as co-pilot of the vehicle and was injured with a bullet in the neck.

The driver of the car, a gray Seat with tinted windows, was identified as 27-year-old Jordán Julio Mendo Chuquimantari. He is in custody and is being held at the Dirincri headquarters to continue with the investigations of the case.

RPP Noticias was able to verify that the parents of the deceased reached the Dirincri de San Miguel and specified that they had to visit different police stations in order to obtain more information about what happened.

According to the deceased’s father, his son left in the company of Mendo Chuquimantari this last Sunday night to withdraw money from the bank on board the vehicle and after this they did not know more about the minor. In addition, they denounced that no police officer gives them details about what happened or the reason for the intervention.

So far, police officers have not specified the reason why this persecution began. According to the police report, the police stations involved were: Dulanto, Carmen de la Legua, Maranga, San Miguel, in addition to the Halcones specialized unit.

Meanwhile, four police officers from the Playa Rímac del Callao police station are being investigated by an inspector for their participation in this intervention.

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