Shooting in Callao leaves two dead and four arrested

The frustrated assault on a bank produced a confrontation between the police and the criminal gang. Two alleged criminals died at the scene, while four others were arrested.

A shootout registered in Bocanegra avenue, in Callao, left two dead and four arrested after a frustrated assault on a banking agency. The injured present bruises and are treated by paramedics.

General Neyre Rodríguez Moreno, national director of Criminal Investigation, told RPP Noticias that among the detainees is a Chilean citizen identified as Fabián López Olivares (29), two Venezuelans identified as Eduardo Rodríguez Toledo (29) and Jhon Bernad Hernández (25 ); and a Peruvian named Gian Pier Guevara Rossi (22).

One of the deceased was identified as Jefferson Fernando Mendoza, of Venezuelan nationality. The body of the second has not yet been identified, but it would be a person from the same country.

After the group assaulted the bank at 11:30, the National Police intervenes and a confrontation occurs.

It is then that two criminals die, while other people, who do not belong to the criminal gang, were injured. Those affected were transferred to the nearest hospital in Callao.

The money from the robbery, not yet accounted for, was found inside a canvas backpack that was in the hands of the people who were also seized a war grenade, two guns, a revolver, police said.

In addition, a C5R-360 license plate vehicle was recovered that was reported stolen on October 12, as well as a 41079F linear plate motorbike.

The rapid intervention of the PNP was possible thanks to a preventive operation in banking entities.

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