TC is in session this Monday to evaluate “what is related to the demand for skills” against the vacancy

Appeal filed by the government of Martín Vizcarra against the first vacancy motion for permanent moral disability is pending.

The Constitutional Court (TC) announced that it will meet this Monday, November 16 at 12 p.m. in an “extraordinary manner” to evaluate “what is related to the competence claim” presented by the government of Martín Vizcarra during the first motion for vacancy due to permanent moral disability.

The president of the Constitutional Court Marianella Ledesma confirmed to El Comercio that this Monday they could define whether they will hold the hearing in which they will listen to the parties (scheduled for Wednesday 18) or enter directly into the debate on the underlying issue.

“The Plenary of the Constitutional Court will meet tomorrow, Monday 16 at noon, in an extraordinary way, to evaluate what is related to the jurisdictional claim,” she reported through her Twitter account.

The TC also demanded from the National Police the “immediate location, identification and safekeeping” of the more than 40 disappeared during the protests against the Merino de Lama government.

As it is recalled, the competence claim was filed by the attorney of the Ministry of Justice, Luis Alberto Huerta Guerrero, on September 14, in the framework of the first vacancy motion that was formulated against former president Martín Vizcarra. This appeal had been admitted for processing and is currently ongoing within the highest interpreter of the Constitution.

Earlier, Martín Vizcarra, former president of the Republic, urged the Constitutional Court (TC) to rule on the jurisdictional claim filed by the Executive Branch for the use of “moral incapacity” as a mechanism for presidential vacancy.

“When on September 30 of last year I constitutionally dissolved the Congress of the Republic, I said that I agreed to what the Constitutional Court defines, that what it determined I respected, the same thing we Peruvians now ask, that the Constitutional Court rule and say if what the congressmen did on Monday 9 is legal, “he said from outside his home to the press.

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