Terror in Lince bakery!: Brands break into the premises, shoot in the air and steal 15 thousand soles from man

Two assailants entered the premises of the 23 block of Arenales Avenue and generated panic among customers. They fled on a motorcycle and one of them was shot by the police after a chase through the streets of Lince.

Two armed assailants stormed the afternoon of this Saturday in a bakery on the 23 block of Arenales Avenue in Lince and stole 15 thousand soles from a man who was in the premises and who had previously taken that money in the cashier of a bank agency Close to the place.

The criminals, dressed in black and with motorcycle helmets, entered the business and after advancing a few steps took out their firearms and aimed at their victim. The video of the bakery security cameras shows one of the assailants firing in the air and terrified customers escaping the premises.

“The passengers on the motorcycle with a helmet get off, get in and grab a person and start hitting them on the floor […] when they run away, the serenazgo and the police are shooting from behind and they go towards (the avenue ) Javier Prado, “a witness told RPP.

Citizen Security of Lince reported that the victim, Milton Iturry Quiñónez, noticed that the criminals were following him after withdrawing money from the banking agency, and that is why he chose to enter the bakery to hide.


The assault was detected by an integrated unit of the Police and the serenazgo of Lince, which initiated the persecution of the assailants.

The Deputy Manager of Citizen Security of Lince, Wilfredo Ramírez Bustamante, said that the criminals were reached at the height of block 18 of Ignacio Merino Avenue, where one of them was shot.

The two assailants were captured, but according to the municipal official, “the fate of money has not been established” yet.

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