The delivery man denounced his verbal aggressor for discrimination: “Let other xenophobic people know the weight of the law”

After being the victim of verbal aggression by Guillermo Miranda, Junior Venanzio Ramírez, who works as a delivery man for the Rappi company, filed a discrimination complaint against the person who threatened him and launched xenophobic insults.

As he detailed to RPP Noticias, the young Venezuelan approached the Miraflores district police station, accompanied by a lawyer from the Venezuelan embassy, ​​to register his accusation.

“The complaint is already there,” said Ramírez. “What I want is for other people who are xenophobic or simply like to humiliate the next person, to be modest a little and know the weight of the law and they can fall for doing that,” he added.

Likewise, a group of Venezuelan and Peruvian delivery men arrived outside Miranda’s home as a protest in favor of his partner. However, they were removed by the National Police.

What happened?

Junior Venanzio Ramírez, a young Venezuelan who came to our country to find a better job opportunity, was the victim of xenophobic insults and threats from a client. The incident occurred when the young man was delivering a food delivery.

The video of the incident was recorded by the victim and there is observed a middle-aged man, identified as Guillermo Miranda, who insults him because the bag that carried two soft drinks had broken. The recording was shared by social networks.

Rappi rejects discrimination

The delivery company Rappi on Wednesday expressed its rejection of “acts of intolerance and aggression” against Junior Venanzio Ramírez.

Through a statement, they specified that they have been in communication with the affected delivery man and have provided him with support, and are also collaborating with the authorities “so that this case is duly attended to.”

They also indicate that they tried repeatedly to communicate with the customer in question through the established channels, but that it has not been possible to establish contact.

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