They publish a law that authorizes the withdrawal of funds from AFP with the signatures of Manuel Merino and Ántero Flores-Aráoz

The official newspaper El Peruano published this Wednesday the law that authorizes the withdrawal of up to four UIT (S / 17,200) from AFP funds to affiliates who have not contributed for 12 months, three days after Manuel’s resignation. Merino de Lama to the presidency of the Republic.

The rule bears the signature of Merino de Lama and the resignation of the presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ántero Flores-Aráoz and is dated November 15, 2020, the day of their resignation.

The law states that affiliates may submit their request to withdraw funds “remotely, virtually or in person, and only once”, within ninety calendar days after the regulation “of the rule comes into force.

“Up to one (1) UIT will be paid every thirty (30) calendar days, the first disbursement being made thirty (30) days after the request is submitted to the private pension fund administrator to which the member belongs. until the second disbursement and the rest will be delivered in the third disbursement “, specifies the law.

The law also authorizes the withdrawal of up to 1 UIT (S / 4,300) for those who do not register contributions in the month of October 2020 and do not apply to the withdrawal of S / 17,200.

In the case of affiliates with oncological diseases, the total disbursement will be made 30 days after the application is submitted. The funds that would be withdrawn cannot be discounted, unless the member has court withholdings for maintenance debts. In that case, 30% of the money would be deducted.

Last Saturday, amid days of protests against Manuel Merino, Flores-Aráoz confirmed that the Government would enact the law that allows the withdrawal of funds from the AFP. In statements to the Andean Agency, he indicated that the Minister of Economy and Finance, José Arista, examined the project before the Executive decides on its promulgation.

“We are about to enact the AFPs, perhaps tomorrow or the day after, and why has it not been enacted yesterday or today? It is because, if a new Minister of Economy comes, the logical thing is that he looks at it first,” he said.

Arista himself confirmed the decision hours later in brief statements to the press.

The initiative to re-issue the funds from the AFPs had been questioned by the management of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) of the Martín Vizcarra government, which indicated that this measure would imply the outflow of between S / 11,000 million and S / 14,000 million from private pension funds.

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