This is how Edwin Donayre spent his first night at the headquarters of Requisitorias

The former congressman was captured during a police operation in Puente Piedra, and was taken to the Requisitorias headquarters, where his transfer to a prison will be coordinated.

This last Wednesday, at 7:55 p.m., former Congressman Edwin Donayre was captured by the police when he was going to a warehouse in the Puente Piedra district to make a phone call in a cabin located on Buenos Aires Avenue, a few meters away of the Pllaza de Armas. This after remaining a fugitive from justice for approximately six months.

Interior Minister Carlos Morán Soto confirmed that it was a work carried out by members of the National Police of Peru, adding that the former congressman did not resist during the police intervention. The troops already followed the trail to the ex-legislator, so there was information on one of his trips around the north of the country.

During his capture, Donayre had in his possession a backpack, where he kept a wig that is presumed used when he went out to the street to not be recognized. Thus he was transferred to the Requirements Division, where he was taken for medical examinations. There he spent the night and now he will coordinate his transfer to the prison where he will serve his sentence.

Thus, the expatriate spent his first night at the Headquarters of Requirement Police located in La Victoria. Police sources confirmed to RPP News that there is a high probability that it will remain in that place until Monday, because this Thursday and Friday are non-working holidays in the Judiciary.

The Police, in addition, is waiting for a communication from the room in charge of the case to make effective its transfer to the Carlos Zavala building, located in the Center of Lima, where it will be made available to the Second Liquidation Criminal Chamber , who was in charge of his case. It is known that the former congressman may receive visits only from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., but only a family member or his lawyer may enter. It will then be the INPE who will determine the penalty in which the expatriate will serve his sentence.


In the month of April of this year, the Permanent Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice ratified the sentence of five and a half years of effective imprisonment against the former Congressman of the Alliance for Progress (APP), for having appropriated fuel assigned to the South Military Region.

The Judiciary determined the former Army general and another 40 involved requested and received between January and November 2006, 84 octane oil and gasoline for extraordinary requests, with which they benefited economically.

Likewise, the Supreme Court revealed that it is responsible for cover-up, documentary falsification, coercion and even forgery of signatures. In addition to the penalty imposed, Donayre has been imposed disqualification to perform the public function for a period of two years and six months.

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