Three people killed and two wounded in a shooting in Ancón

The victims were intercepted by a subject who shot them in cold blood. The police presume that it is a reckoning.

Three people died and two were wounded in a shooting that occurred last night, around midnight, in the Ancón district.

Andrés Alberca Delgado, alias ‘Comando’, was with his wife and his driver at a food stall in the area known as ‘La Bandera’, in the Lomas de Ancón association, when they were intercepted by a person.

The man, who had posed as a business customer, shot in cold blood at the victims who had no opportunity to react. The ‘Comando’ driver was shot in his vehicle.

In the shooting, two people were injured and were taken to the Puente Piedra Hospital.

Dolores Toledo, wife of the gunned-down driver, survived the attack by hiding inside her partner’s car. She was unharmed in the shooting.
Criminalistics experts arrived at the scene and worked all morning at the crime scene. The authorities found 12 bullet casings, which shows the ferocity of the attack.

Witnesses to the attack assured that the crime revolves around a dispute over land traffic, for which the Police suspect that it is a settling of accounts.

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