Three Venezuelan parents ask for “alms” in Chimbote to get to Tacna to work

At the Quito terminal in Ecuador, they fell asleep and stole their bags, where they had the money to get to their destination.
Three Venezuelan citizens who left their hometown Valencia 22 days ago have had to put aside all kinds of shame to ask for ‘limosna’ in the streets of Chimbote, in the region Áncash, in order to reach Tacna in search opportunities.

They are Adrián Valero Zambrano, 38, Jhonatan Baldus Hernández, 35, and Irwin Cuicas Machillanda, 36, who had to leave their wives and children in the landlocked country with the purpose of obtaining work, money and sending them for their food.

The foreigners said that when they arrived at the Quito terminal in Ecuador, they fell asleep and their bags were stolen, where they had clothes and dollars needed to reach their destination, where a family member awaits them.

“We are going through a very difficult time, we have lost everything we need to get to Tacna, we only have these clothes that we have. There are people who have seen us in these conditions and reach us food, is that we have been walking for several days. I had to leave my children, my wife and my electronics work, because we did not give more, what we do not want to anyone, “said Adrián Valero.

The foreigners carry a poster asking for charity to the Chimbotanos until saving a small money to continue with its route. “We will continue to ask for the support of our Peruvian friends, we have faith that we will reach Tacna, we are not afraid to continue facing life in a country that we do not know. In our minds are our children and other relatives, “said Irwin Cuicas.

The Venezuelans said that the economic situation in their country every day is unsustainable and the salary they received was not enough for them to survive.

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