Villa El Salvador: a tragedy caused by the imprudence of a scholar

The case of the Trilce school in Villa el Salvador. One schoolboy died and another was injured after one of his colleagues accidentally shot a gun that led to school. Teen offender remains in custody and judge will define his legal situation today.

 Villa El Salvador. A fifth-year high school student brought his father’s gun to his school to show to his friends, without imagining that an error in the manipulation of the weapon would cause a tragedy in which all the protagonists are victims.

At 9:20 am on Tuesday, while the attention of his classmates in the UNI-LEADER room focused on economics lessons, the 15-year-old removed his 9mm Taurus pistol with serial number KCU- from his backpack.

The weapon had been smuggled clandestinely into the Trilce school on Separador Agroindustrial Avenue, after evading security controls.

Before the police, the alleged offender reported that he took his father’s gun during the night, taking advantage of his absence. Then he placed it in his backpack along with his notebooks.

“It was an accident”

The teenager also said he did not know that the gun was loaded and that it was accidentally shot, fatally wounding his friend on the right shoulder and, superficially, another companion who was sitting further on the left shoulder.

“He took her out of curiosity, he did not intend to harm anyone, he was teaching her to his classmates when it happened,” said lawyer Walter Ayala after meeting with the school’s resident at the Criminal Investigation Department of Villa El Salvador.

The rumble caused by the firing of the firearm muted the classroom.

The silence was interrupted by the cries of despair of the students when they saw their comrades fallen and bleeding. The teacher and the tutor Angélica Salazar proceeded to calm them down and evacuate them in an orderly manner to a safe area, realizing that desperation was beginning to take over the other students.

Upon leaving school, a friend of the victim, still in shock for having witnessed the shot, mourned his death, but assured that it was not a premeditated act and no one in the room would have reason to believe that it was intentional.

“It was not intentional, it was an accident, you can never be trusted, at any moment an accident can happen,” he said before leaving the campus accompanied by his mother. Desperate parents

Terrified by what happened, the children called their parents, who when they learned that two students had been shot and wounded inside the Trilce school, thought it was an armed attack.

“I came as fast as I could, my son told me that he heard a gunshot and two children were injured, I thought it was one of those attacks where people come in shooting in. Thank God none of that happened,” said a mother.

Given the incident, the director of the campus, Elizabeth Choquehuanca, said that all witnesses of the event will receive emotional support and will intensify security measures in order to provide greater protection to students and prevent events like this from reappearing.

“Classes have been suspended due to mourning until Thursday, March 21 and if an extension of the measure is decided on, parents will be informed in a timely manner,” Choquehuanca said at an impromptu press conference where nervousness reigned.

For its part, the head of the Regional Office of Education of Metropolitan Lima (DRELM), Katherine Alva, indicated that the families of the students involved will receive accompaniment and psychological attention to overcome the tragic moment lived.

That same attention will be extended to all students and teachers witnessing the fact that, understandably, they are in shock, added the education authority.

But beware, this is not the first time that a similar event occurs in a private school.

In 2014, a 15-year-old schoolboy accidentally killed his classmate by manipulating the revolver owned by his mother in his fourth-grade classroom. It happened in the Pamer school, in Huancayo.

Proceedings in progress

In the afternoon, the alleged offender was taken to his home for an inspection of the place where he found and extracted the firearm.

“A week ago he found him inside a kangaroo doing housekeeping in his parents’ room,” his lawyer said.

During the proceedings, the minor insisted that he did not know that the weapon was loaded.

He also said that he had never handled a firearm before and it was the first time he had seen one.

At the end of the expert work, the prosecutor Karina Calderón Casas, of the Permanent Provincial Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Lima Sur, ordered the transfer of the child to the male preventive center of Salamanca.

The Office of the Prosecutor indicated that it is waiting to receive the report on ballistic and atomic absorption expertise, in order to verify technically who was the author of the shooting.

The lawyer of the scholar, Walter Ayala, confirmed that the scholar is in the capacity of retained and that the family judge will determine today his legal situation.

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