Youtuber Venezuelan tells what is behind the plane of Nicolás Maduro

The youtuber said that the Venezuelans who are returning to the country are directly benefited by Nicolás Maduro and that they came to Peru to “mount a circus”.

A YouTube video shows 100 Venezuelans queuing up to return to their country leaving Peru because they say they do not have the rights they had there. In this regard, the youtuber Ludiskel Mass Acosta explained the reason why his countrymen are returning.

Through its channel, the youtuber explained that this trip this trip is a “circus armed by Venezuela, specifically by Nicolás Maduro”. And that in previous opportunities I had already warned that Venezuelans would come out to make pejorative statements about Peru.

The Venezuelan described the immigrants who returned to Venezuela as a “rope of opportunists who kneel to the government.” “I prefer to die of hunger, just as I was to kneel to the Government of Venezuela to give me,” he warned.

In the video in question you can see a hundred immigrants saying they are leaving the country because they do not eat well here and there is xenophobia. It should be noted that the flight in which they return is financed by Nicolás Maduro.

“We did not eat like we had to eat, living in Venezuela does not matter. We are in our land, “says one of the travelers. “We are going to return to the country and we are going to accept the benefits that the national government is giving us,” said another of them.

In this regard, Mass Acosta explained that because of these statements and lies of the Venezuelan government thousands of Peruvians begin to reject them. “All this is a circus (…) I told them there are going to be videos of Venezuelans talking badly about Peru, it all started with a video of a woman and like this video all those who left will talk,” he said.

“You are going to return because they are going to give you benefits as the compatriot said but he does not represent me because he is a person who is used to being given everything,” he said.

At the end of the video, the Venezuelan asked not to believe in everything that is said on social networks.

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