Zeballos described as “excess” investigation initiated by JEE for alleged violation of neutrality

The head of the Cabinet said that he only limited himself to absolve a journalistic doubt about the participation of dissolved congressmen. Despite this, he considered that the Special Electoral Jury “is entitled” to do so.

The head of the Cabinet, Vicente Zeballos, described as an “excess” the investigation initiated against and against the Minister of Women, Gloria Montenegro, by the Special Electoral Jury (JEE) of Lima Center for allegedly having violated the regulations that regulate the principle of neutrality for the complementary parliamentary elections of 2020.

“It seems to me an excess, but we are going to pave to resolve it within the deadlines and according to the pre-established procedure,” said the minister, according to the Peru.21 newspaper.

“Violating the principle of neutrality is focused on benefiting or detracting from a candidate, but public opinion knows that only on November 18 (November) the registration of candidates is closed,” he said.

Zeballos said that he only limited himself to absolve a journalistic doubt about the participation of the congressmen dissolved in the coming electoral process. “With the answer we will give (to JEE), the issue will be settled,” he said.

“We understand that (the JEE) are in their right (to investigate), obviously we are waiting for the transfer of the resolution to be acquitted within the deadlines established by the standard,” he said.

According to the JEE, the president of the Council of Ministers held on October 21 that since the beginning of his administration they promoted the non-re-election of congressmen, a measure that was approved in the referendum process held on December 9.

Minister Gloria Montenegro had similar statements on November 3, when she mentioned that the dissolution of Congress represented a commitment to change the political system and that, therefore, it made no sense that they be presented again in 2020 or 2021.

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